weekly letters.

dear june, you bring so much specialness to our lives.  thanks for reminding us to slow down, celebrate love, and bbq often.  dear hubby, can you believe it's been 9 years?  i don't think we look a day over 22 and 23...wouldn't you agree?  i know it always hasn't been easy, so thanks for standing beside me, laughing at my corny jokes, being my best friend, and reminding me daily that a love like ours is always worth fighting for.  dear littlest sis, you graduated high school and i'm an emotional mess.  i'm so happy for the next chapter in your life and the many adventures yet to come.  cheers to you & your many great accomplishments.  dear hot tom oil, only 17 days until i get to mow-down on stretch bread and your goodness.

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