Gaga for...

goo goo dolls*!

over the years, different songs and artists resonate with the seasons of my life.  i am a huge fan of music.  mostly listening...i can never remember lyrics or artists or song titles...but i always remember a song once i hear it.  & i always find it amazing how artists or songs you seemed to forget over time return at the most opportune moments in life.

the goo goo dolls take me back to my care-free high school days.  the days a & i met.  the moments we spent laughing, talking, learning and becoming fast friends.  now with this deployment looming over us, the songs i heard tonight reminded me of our roots.  where we came from & how we got where we are...the many, many steps it took for us to get here.  i love when the small things in life help put the big things into perspective.  it's important for me to take a step back, look at the big picture & remember the stories behind our life.
so, now i am on a "classic" music kick.  the classics from our life together and the oldies i will always, always love.  enjoy this clip and feel free to join me on a walk down memory lane.

*i should mention that this notion didn't fall from the sky.  i was lucky enough to see them in concert (yesterday actually) and it sparked an old flame.

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