this last week & a half of my life has been insanely crazy.    

here's a brief rundown:
- i was offered a new job on a trial basis.  this trial happened to be in california so i had less than a week to handle my affairs, pack, and board a plane.  once there i helped execute an amazing event.  despite all the hard work and long hours, i had a wonderful time!
- yesterday, i was officially offered the job (yippee!) and will start on monday!  see?!?  it was all worth it!  i'm so excited to take on this new challenge.  and so grateful for the opportunity.

i find this change to be fitting.  it's officially fall, the leaves are turning, we are bracing ourselves for another year-long deployment (boo), and i now have a new job.  i love when life syncs with nature.  it clearly puts our relationship with one another and nature into perspective.

so, dear friends, i can officially say i'm back.  and i won't go m.i.a again (unless i first give you fair warning).  thank you for baring with me.

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