work hard, play harder

today was my first day back to work.  i felt like i was 5 again & going back to school.  i had the morning butterflies, picked out a fun, new outfit, and spent most of the night before practicing my best "professional" voice.  over the past few months, i've been working part-time as i've tried to find something more permanent.  while working from home was an all-around awesome experience, we don't have kids and i found myself often craving something more (usually excessive amounts of chocolate and peanut butter).

i love feeling accomplished.  whether it's finishing a project, training for and racing in a race, making an awesome dinner or creating something for friends and family; the feeling is so amazing.  i know this new job is going to open many doors for me and a.  my new job is empowering and i'm so excited about the possibilities that will come.

that being said, i have to re-learn to balance my life.  succeed at my job, spend ample time with a. and our boys (we have two dogs), make time for family & friends (lots of time),  cook healthy meals, exercise regularly, stimulate my creativity, and explore my faith and spirituality.  there are so many things to do within a life time and in my case, without a schedule, things may not get done.  i have to remember that while i can do a lot, it's nearly impossible to do it all...at least regularly.  so i'm not going to compare myself to all you doers out there.  and i'm not going to compete with other women.  i'm moving at my own pace.  i'm going to make sure i take it all in and enjoy every breath and step along the way.  some steps may feel arduous and the breaths heavy, but i know in the long run, i'll be doing the things i want to do- not what i think everyone thinks i should do.

wish me luck on the new gig.  i'm excited!

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