a whirlwind weekend

heading upstairs...200 ft to be exact.
mr. a & i had a lovely time in niagara falls this weekend.  we went for a marriage retreat, sponsored by the military so we could get ready for yet another deployment.  {blah}  the weather was beautiful & there was so much happening around town.  this was our first time to the u.s. side so we had plenty to do.  our highlight was cave of the winds.  the power of the water off the falls is exhilarating.  and they give you some pretty sweet kicks.  we highly recommend it.

there's something about a fast-paced, all-about-us weekend.  while we were exhausted sunday night, we left niagara inspired and ready for what's about to come.  deployment is going to be hard, but now we have an amazing weekend and some awesome marriage advice to look back on when the going gets tough.

and that makes it all the more wonderful.

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