gettin' wordy with it

corny.  i know.  i just couldn't help myself.

i've been in the midst of a diy (do it yourself- for all those new to the term) funk.  i really want to make curtains and pillows but i have yet to figure out my sewing machine.  i don't have the motivation to start a scrapbook...but that could be happening sooner than i think... and i still want to create.  something.  anything.

now enter the diy dream project.  simple, classy, and so easy anyone (as long as you know what to do in paint) who has access to a computer and 15 minutes can do it.

as i may have mentioned, a. is in the military so we have moved quite a bit throughout our marriage.  we met in san diego, so it holds a very special place in our hearts.  the first of my series of 3 (we have lived in 3 places so far) is san diego themed and mentions places we called home, enjoyed spending time, etc.
cool, right?  & like i said...SO easy.  here are the basic steps* if you're interested in making them yourself.

a.)  first, get into a program such as paint, word, etc.  i used paint.  i tried word but couldn't get the formatting the way i wanted it.  

b.)  second, brainstorm and type different places, restaurants, books (whatever theme you'd like to go with) into the text box in paint with different fonts.  i like the eclectic look of calligraphy, block fonts, & fun fonts with varying sizes, but please, do whatever you like!  place them where you would like on the template and gradually fill in the empty spaces.

c.)  lastly, set your printer so it prints the final product in the size you require.  I chose a 5x7.  i'm doing 3 of these and will be hanging them in the laundry room.  I wanted enough of an impact without going overboard.  i printed on matte photo paper.

so there it is.  my idea of a diy dream.  thoughts?

*i used microsoft  paint, so that is the only process i am going to cover.  i did however, just upgrade my computer to a beautiful mac & once i have my first one-2-one and learn how to make these on the new machine, i'll be more than happy to share the knowledge.

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