green with envy.

well, at my other plants are.

this little plant stole the spotlight- and has one of the best views in the house.  over the long weekend, i went on a hanging frenzy.  i purchaced this wall-mounted vase* in rochester last year and have been deciding where to put it ever since.  at first, i thought the bathroom would be a great place for it- but with zero light, it didn't make the cut.

so i hemmed and hawed and finally, decided the kitchen needed a plant.  so, i busted out our handy hammer and went to work.
doesn't it look so much better?  i was amazed by the character this little guy brought to the space.  it's a show-stopper, seriously.  and i'm completely obsessed.

one of the best parts?  this plant was free.  true 'dat.  it started as a couple stems/leaves from a larger plant and has taken on a life of it's own.  i'm so proud of this little fellow.
*i can't remember exactly where i got this- so i apologize for not referencing.

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