carrot juice.

actually this is a take on carrot juice.  the more accurate name is: carrot-apple-ginger juice.  and man- is it good.  it's my favorite way to start the morning these days.  we've gotten in the habit of making a few pitchers of juice in the evening so we can grab-'n-go on those hectic mornings.  

this is one we made last night.

carrot-apple-ginger juice
serves 2

6-7 large, raw carrots cut per juicer specifications
4-5 whole, raw apples (green apples, mcintosh, northern spy); quartered
1-2 inches fresh ginger

wash all ingredients thoroughly.  once chopped and machine is on,* slowly add all ingredients into the juicer.  pour into cups and enjoy immediately or keep in fridge for up to 2 days.  

i tend to use organic & local fruits and veggies as much as possible.  in my one week of juicing i've found, the fresher the produce, the juicer it is.  also, i prefer my juice a bit on the tangier side so if you like sweeter juice, use apples such as gala, fuji or red delicious.

*at least this is how our machine works.

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