get juicy.

when i got home from california i seriously needed to detox.  after 4 days of travel, eating out, drinking at networking receptions and enjoying dessert a bit too much, i felt like crap.  it never fails to amaze me how much stress my body can take- but when i over-indulge in all things unhealthy, my body shuts down in a matter of days. 

before i left for california, a. and i watched a great movie about juicing, & we were amazed by what we saw.  generally i'm exactly what a marketer looks for in a customer (i fall for almost everything) whereas a., is usually a bit more skeptical.  however, after the way i felt when i got home and since we're always trying to eat as healthy as possible (please disregard the pizza boxes currently sitting on our kitchen counter), we broke down and bought a juicer.  & it's been amazing.

i've actually been looking at juicers for quite some time (although the impulsive story is a thousand times better) and after some research, we settled on the quasi-affordable yet reliable: breville juicer.  it's unbelievable and- let me tell you- can take down an entire bag of carrots in 3.2 seconds flat.  nice.

our first morning with it, we decided to make this green-machine-like-juice (we omitted the cucumber and added kiwi instead) and it was awesome.  seriously.  my hubby who thinks veggies are what food eats (thanks dad!) was smitten with this recipe and has been the household juicer* ever since.  it gives us an amazing amount of energy throughout the day, we feel great and the juice tastes even better.  we're completely hooked.

*if you happen to have any great juicing recipes or know of any great juicing books, please don't be shy!  we'd love to give them a try.

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