ten days later.

apparently i was on a unintentional blog hiatus.  life, as always, kinda got in the way.

i've spent the last 10 days traveling to california for a conference (i didn't think to bring my camera- boo, and our point n' shoot is out of commission- double boo) and washington dc for a wedding (pictures to follow!).  between the bi-coastal adventures, we've been dealing with car nightmares, crazy work schedules and trying to eek a few minutes of free time to spend with one another.  

i'll recap the past week and a half over the next couple days.  you know what they say, when it rains it pours!

oh, and sometime between the end of september and today, the leaves changed colors.  fall is totally and awesomely in full swing. 

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  1. Yeah for a post! I feel loke you need an app for your blog that I can put on my phone to alert me when you have posted something! I swear I checked this thing multiple times a day for the last few long days, and I opened it tonight and BAM a new post! Love it! You have me wondering what the next post will bring, oh and after seeing that photo, I think it's official.... You guys can plan on Niko and I being there at this time next year for a fall visit!!