a washington wedding.

last weekend a. and i drove to dc for a wedding.  actually, it was more than a wedding.  it was the first time a. saw his family since he came home from afghanistan.

it was an amazing reunion.  we spent the better part of saturday walking the streets and spending time in museums.  then there was the wedding and what an affair that was.  the wedding was held in a stone church nestled in the streets of dc.  very quaint, very swanky, very elegant.  the bride and groom looked amazing (too bad our pictures didn't turn out) and jetted off to take pictures on the lincoln memorial before the reception.  the reception was held at the willard and my oh my- was that a party.  ah-mazing food, a live band and tons of dancing.  not a bad saturday night.

sunday was the perfect day in dc.  we had a nice breakfast and spent the better part of the morning exploring the monuments.  the leaves were starting to change and the weather was warm, so by the time we made our way to the fdr monument, the shade and man-made waterfalls were a welcome surprise.  once we decided it was time to eat, we headed back into the city to the taste of dc for a sampling of local food and drink.  it was a great way to spend the rest of the afternoon.  once we said our goodbyes to a.'s parents, we had dinner with his brother and sister-in-law and we then decided to walk the monuments at night.

and what a sight that was.  the monuments are quiet and serene under the moonlight.  very few people venture the parks after dark, so with the exception of a few locals and some die-hard tourists (ehem), we were the only ones out there.  we saw the washington, lincoln, korean and world war 2 monuments.  after a lot of walking and some achy feet, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed night of sleep.

monday consisted of breakfast, some more goodbyes and our road trip home.  since we only had one headlight (a huge shout out to maryland deer), we wanted to make it home before dark.  we drove home talking about everything we did and commented over and over again about how much fun we had.  it was an awesome weekend and it was so wonderful to see family.  i know everyone had a great time & we build some killer memories.

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