lovin' lately.

every now and again, i like to share things i've come across that i love, can't live without, and are just too pretty not to pass along.  these are those things:

a simple, sweet & spooky halloween treat.

a sweet little video showcasing what english sounds like to foreigners.

there's nothing more beautiful than a colorado wedding.

with fall here and winter right around the corner, 25 ways to wear a scarf is mandatory.

do you gojee?  i'm not sure what's better, the photos or recipes!

this book is going to help me with my november craft challenge.

still obsessed with pintrest.  yep, totally.  i think my to do list and wish list doubles every day.

signing up and getting motivated.  i'll know by the end of this month if i'm committing to 13.1 or 26.2.

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