the beginnings of a san diego christmas.

we arrived in san diego yesterday.  our flight went exceptionally well and we actually landed early (gotta love when that happens!).  when we arrived, sunny san diego truly lived up to it's reputation with  crisp winter air, blue skies and plenty of palm trees.  the undoubtedly beautiful day welcomed us warmly home.
(the above pictures are from our flight.  we passed over what we believed to be colorado- and were instantly mesmerized by the snow-covered ground (that's way more than we have in ny right now) and mountain tops.  the other image is actually the cover of the united in-flight magazine.  it made me happy.)

we were excitedly welcomed with giant bear hugs and smiles.  which also makes me happy.  seeing niko, our little nephew, and a. together- was one of the highlights of my day.  they were so excited to see one another.  it'd been far too long.
 most of the afternoon, niko and i played outside- spying lemons, riding scooters and rescuing lizards.
we found this poor guy in a bucket of cold water and thought he was dead.  trying to keep my "brave tia" facade, i picked up the little guy to give niko a better look and put him somewhere peaceful.  while holding him, my tough, brave image went instantly out the window- the instant he moved!  that's right, the poor guy wasn't dead- but was freezing.  so we moved mr. lizard to some sunlight and kept a careful eye on his recovery.
later that evening we went to a friends house for dinner and games.  we watched the sunset and christmas lights sparkle over the san diego skyline...wrapping up a wonderful day, perfectly.  it feels so good to be home for the holidays.
this panoramic image is a new ap i found for my iphone.  i'm not yet certain how i feel about it- though i'm pretty sure many of the issues i'm finding with it are due to human error.

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