happy, happy christmas!

this past weekend, a. and i celebrated christmas.  we figured since we were heading home for the holidays,  it wasn't necessary to ship all our presents to san diego.  also, we really wanted to have our own little holiday to celebrate being together this year.
we love to surprise one another.  our general rule of thumb for gift giving is that we're not allowed to look at the finances before the big reveal- so we have no idea what we're giving to one another.  huge fans of christmas traditions, we let radley open one present on "christmas eve."  a. wrapped radley's presents in toilet paper, as advised by the pet store, and radley went to town.  it was so much fun to watch- he is hilarious.
on christmas "morning" snow was falling outside- the perfect back drop for our make-shift holiday...and actually our one and only white christmas.  we took our time opening presents, taking lots of videos and enjoying the fresh fallen snow.
all said and done, we ended up with some pretty good loot.  a. got me a wii (complete with just dance 3)!  it's something i've been wanting for a long time...and i was completely surprised.  
a. walked away with running clothes and some new shoes...& senor santo was extra gracious this year...and brought us a new tv as well!  yahoo!  (actually, i won the tv at my office holiday party- and managed to keep it a surprise for an entire week (can you believe it?)).  while a. was out on friday night, my friends helped me move it behind the tree.  i think i was more excited than he was "christmas" morning.  but it's a huge hit at the house- and such a vast improvement from our old one.
in addition to christmas, we made caramel corn, finished our christmas cards, played wii, spent a wonderful evening with friends & tested some new years eve beverages.  there was plenty of cooking and holiday music and merriness.  
i just love the holidays...don't you?

on another note, a. and i are heading out at o' dark thirty for san diego.  we're so excited to be going home to the land of the sun and sea.  we're planning to gorge ourselves on mexican food, specifically fish tacos and california burritos, and spend ample time surfing.  something tells me, it's gonna be a great holiday!

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