gifting for all.

it's that time of year.  between finding the perfect decorations, planning for your trip or for company to arrive, the search for the perfect present and the ultimate cookie, it's so easy to get lost in the chaos of the holidays.  it's really unfortunate how crazy things tend to get around the holidays...instead of relishing in the new traditions & memories from last year and spending quality time with family and friends, we rush through everything in an attempt to "do it all."

in an effort to keep this year's holiday stress to a minimum, i've consciously tried to keep things as low-key as possible.  i'm making cookies when i have time and the mood strikes and because i want to.  not have to.  our home decorations are simple- yet cheery & we're planning our trips and visits with friends back home this week, so everything is as relaxing as possible.

despite my deepest efforts, christmas shopping never gets easier.  there are the people in your life who have everything and want nothing, the ones who love anything expensive, those that like unique, and those that prefer trendy.  then there are the ones who love it all, no matter the size or expense- and to you, i say, halleujah.

so, in honor of the many, many giftees in your life, i put together some of my favorite holiday gifts, that can hopefully relieve your stress and settle even the pickiest.
1. aheirloom cutting boards for the culinary loves in your life 2. jennifer zeuner's wish bone necklaces for those with all the luck 3. marais usa wedges is the perfect gift for a fashionista (be sure to get a pair for you!) 4. moleskin 12 month color planners are perfect for anyone on the go, who loves to write and craves color 5. know someone with a new home?  west elm tea towels are a stellar addition to any kitchen or bath 6. who wouldn't love this athena procopiou scarf? 7. nars trio eyeshadow is excellent for a day in the office or night on the town

happy gifting!

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