well, we had ourselves another beautiful holiday weekend.  
it's been weird in upstate ny.  by this time of the year, we're normally up to our waist in snow, spending the afternoon cooped-up staying warm or venturing into the cold for a fabulous winter-wonderland adventure.

this weekend was different because we still have zero snow.  a dusting at the most here or there, so needless to say, winter activities weren't in the cards.  instead we managed to stay extremely busy between prepping for the holidays, cleaning house and spending time with friends.  

our weekend started with a celebratory sushi dinner for a.'s first successful night flight (way to go babe!)  every year i pick up starbucks latest holiday cd (i know, who buys cd's these days?!? i do apparently), and this year's was just as fun as year's past.  while cleaning and crafting, we listened to it non-stop...& i'm loving this song.

with a sparkling home, i took a break for a late morning tea & fabulous conversation with a dear friend and then a. and i went to a venue grand opening where branford marsalis opened.  not always a jazz fan, i have to admit that we had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the music.  my favorite?  hope.

the remainder of the weekend, was filled with cooking and baking and open housing and laundry.  oh, we also went to church (we're currently seeking a church), for the first time in forever.  

i'm excited to share my projects with you over the next week and i hope your weekend was absolutely fabulous as well.  happy holidays!

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