yours till the kitchen sinks.

over the weekend, a. and i took on a simple home improvement project: we upgraded our kitchen sink!  and we're in love.
during an impromptu trip to lowe's, we found this sucker for one crazy sticker price.  unable to pass up a deal, we brought it home and hooked it up.  a. did most of the work (i held it in place while he tightened everything) and our sink went from blah to wow-za!  i wish i had a before picture to show you the difference...but i don't.  if you close your eyes and picture a stainless steel sink and a bright and shiny, standard faucet- you can get an idea of what we were working with for the past 5 years.  not bad, but definitely nothing blog-worthy.

and now we have this pretty little number with a pull down faucet and matching soap dispenser fancying up our kitchen.  yahoo!  who would have thought we could get this excited about a kitchen faucet?  all i can say is, our kitchen has never been this chic or clean.
also, i should note and apologize for the poor photo quality lately.  it's hard to take a decent photo when i leave and come home in the dark.

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