17. do a polar bear plunge

For everyone wanting to say warm
poker night!

it was wild, colorful & cold.  we were team fozen fanta and there were five of us.  We were the only team with enough guts to dress to the nines & had a huge crowd cheering us on as we raced into the water.  We raised over $1,000 for local charities.  

our purple fanta teammate came out to plunge even though she dislocated her knee the night before (a real trooper).  & i even took our team mascot in for the plunge- yep, the orange fanta went under water with me!  we plunged for less than 10 seconds but we dove in head first.  it took the rest of the night to warm up.  but we did it.  we plunged!

so there you have it.  i can officially cross off one of my to do: 2011.  i did a polar bear plunge!

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  1. Looks very cold, but very proud of you! Good luck with your 2011 list!