it's freezing here.  not cold, not kinda cold- but freezing.  don't get me wrong, i'm sure anyone originally from san diego (or somewhere consistently warm) would consider the temperatures we've been living in, unbearable.  however, on sunday, it got colder.  and the crazy part is- it's gonna stay for a while.

that said, it's the perfect soup weather.  i'm dreaming of chili and miso.  carrot ginger and lentil soup.  but most recently, udon.  i've had udon noodles sitting in the pantry for a few months patiently waiting to be used.  after a long day and no willpower to cook, i decided to give japanese fast food a try.

i used this recipe as a base and liberally played around with what i had left in the fridge.  i used broccoli, carrots, fresh ginger, green onions & tofu.  i also used soy sauce to add a bit more flavor and some red chili sauce for heat (i love my food with a bit of a kick).  it made a ton, so i have some to freeze and enough for dinner a couple more nights this week.

it's a great, simple and fast recipe that will warm you to your core.  so make some- you won't be disappointed!

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