wall art.

at the moment, i'm currently obsessed.  as part of my 2011 list, i'm revamping a few rooms and finally taking the plunge to not only buy prints, but frame them.  i know, i know....i've gone off the deep end!  (i have two prints sitting in my basement that i've had since 2003- unframed & unhung.  litterally, just sitting there.  so, no more excuses.  only more framing!)

over the past 5 years we've been in our home, with the exception of photos, our walls are bare.  and i can't take it anymore!  so dear friends, i'm on a mission.  to add a bit of character to our cozy bungalow.  i would love to incorporate homemade pieces from family & friends and things that i've both collected over time and purchased recently.

i'm a huge fan of whimsical prints (specifically those reminiscent of the beach).  here are the two pieces i'm currently dreaming about.
{image found here}
as a huge fan of typography & a self-proclaimed foodie, i thought this was so fun for the kitchen.  not to mention, this print lists all the ingredients in a ham & cheese hot pocket!  ha!
{image via}
i also adore maps (as does a.- or should i say, he thinks they're cool).  i would love to place this behind our couch.  as of now, it's a big, bare wall.  my sister is going to laugh, but i would love to rearrange this so it actually hangs upside down.  how neat would that be?  also, i have to think of a cute way to denote where we've traveled.

so i guess the house is undergoing some new year's changes of it's own.  i'm excited to revamp & refresh the space.  hopefully a. will be okay with the changes i'm making.  well, you know what they say, while the cat's away...

i'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress!

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