11 days of may.

thats' all we have left.  can you believe that?  and wanna hear something even crazier?  in 18 days, a. and i will be meeting up in costa rica for 2 ah-mazing weeks.

that's right...costa rica for 2 weeks.  so excited!

this past week has been nothing but a whirl wind.  on saturday i flew to san antonio for a few site visits for upcoming conferences.  i was there for less than 24 hours and hopped a plane to orlando on sunday.  don't get too excited for me.  i didn't see much of orlando other than the inside of the orange county convention center and a few restaurants.  i attended a conference as a networking opportunity- and man, it was unreal.  fours days of non-stop meetings, chatting and networking with over 15,000 people.  yep.  fifteen thousand. no typo there.

one of the best parts of the trip was the sting concert.  the companies sponsored a concert to have him there and he not only played a ton of classics but also put on an amazing show.  since i couldn't find anything decent on youtube, please just enjoy the music...

while it's always so good to be home, i still have so much to wrap up over the next 18 days.  so things are gonna get crazy.  but no worries for me.  only good- very, very good- things to come.

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