bug off.

as a bona fide southern california gal, i love my sunshine.  now that it's finally starting to warm up, jackets and jeans are turning into summer dresses & i'm spending way more time outside.

but one thing this southern california transplant can't get used to is this.  with warm weather and warmer nights, come bugs.  lots 'o bugs.  the blood-sucking kind.  and they attack in swarms.  last week while playing ultimate frisbee, i looked into the sky and saw at least 100 pesky mosquitos swarming over me.  and of course, silly me, i didn't think to bring bug spray.

in keeping with a holistic lifestyle, i stay miles away from the deet ridden bug sprays.  don't fret- i'm not about to turn into a walking billboard for west nile.  i found a great spray last year for our camping trip- and not only did it smell decent (my friends might disagree), but it actually worked.  and trust me, if you can spend a week in the forest in new york without getting eaten alive, you know you've found gold.
so this year, plan a was to rely on my new-found gem.

but, get this.  one of my co-workers is really into essential oils and is about as nutty as i am about all-natural products.  when she told me she makes her own bug spray, i squealed with joy.  really?  you can make bug spray?  who would'a thought.
she brought me a batch of her "bugs be gone" and i'm so excited to give it a try.  basically, it's made with essential oils and distilled water.  some recipes call for an oil-based spray, but her version goes on clean, smells great & keeps the bugs away.  just for kicks, i spent some time googling "homemade insect repellent" recipes- and there are quite a few out there.  since i've yet to use it, i can only rely on her opinions- but that's the best part of today...the weekend is here and i can give it a try!

so with new ammo at hand, enjoy your weekend and the great outdoors (even it's only as far as your backyard)!

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