i've never been a huge fan of hair products.  i guess you could call it laziness (i love me a ponytail) or maybe i haven't found anything i've been crazy about.  until now.  my hair is naturally wavy.  not super gorgeous wavy, but enough that it's not straight.  and just this weekend i decided to put some new products to the test.

our good friends are packing up and moving to boston (sad news for us but happy times for them), so to say goodbye, we decided to go on a wine tour last weekend.  with a lot of memories to be made, many photos were necessary.

a couple weeks before this vineyard extravaganza, i got a haircut (thrilling, i know).  anyway, i walked away with a fab new 'do and bumble & bumble's thickening spray and a sample of their texture creme.  while i've used the thickening spray before, i was a bit hesitant to try the texture creme (it claims to have grit in the formula...like exfoliate for hair??).  well, long story short, i love it.  

it gave my waves the perfect undone, beachy look without the wild and untamed mane that usually accompanies my style of choice.  so without further ado, i say run out and pick this product up asap.  i'm telling you, if you love an easy style that can hold up to the ultimate test (i.e. looking good in pictures throughout an entire of day of wine tasting)...these products are for you!  enjoy.

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