years & years ago, when i first started eating solid food, my mom learned that i liked carrots- a lot.  so, she fed them to me all the time.  and as the story goes, her fair-skined, red-headed little girl, started turning orange.  of course, as a brand new mama, she had no idea why.  so she rushed me to the doctor.  the doctor took one look at me and pulled his stethoscope up to his ears (insert doctor smirk here) and asked what i liked to eat.  

carrots, said my mom.  she loves carrots.
how often do you give her carrots? asked the doctor.
well, that's all i can get here to eat... replied my mom.
hmmm. responded the doctor.  i bet if you fed her something else, she would probably stop turning orange.

happy mother's day to all the mama's who have and currently are, learning to raise us through trial & error.  to all the moms who have spent countless hours loving and teaching and listening to each of us as we grow.  to each of you who spend countless hours setting guidelines, teaching manners & morals and stressing the importance of safety & heathy lifestyles.  and of course, to the moms who sacrifice so much so we can have amazing, life-changing experiences so we can grow up to be the people you dream for us to be.

and to the one mom, who not only did all this, but also opened me up to a world of veggies outside of carrots.  i love you.

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