in my shoes.

to you, these may just look like dirty running shoes.  but what you can't see is the endless road of pavement beneath their soles.  the newly sprouted leaves against the bright blue sky and the fields upon fields of soft grass scattered with dandelions, purple flowers and fallen white petals.  the huge white clouds floating with the gentle breezes and the butterflies gliding from bud to bud.  the red, yellow, green and blue trail markers that so carefully connect the trees & the squirrels, deer and birds that litter the trails and neighborhoods.  you can't see the puddles they have jumped or the streams they've forged.  you can't feel the warmth of the sun's rays or the cool pockets of shade beneath the tall pine trees.  the sting of thorns from the blackberry bushes against your legs and the slosh of mud in your shoes.  and you can't hear the whoosh of cars zipping by you or the kerplunk of a tree frog jumping into the puddle your darting around.  the crunch of gravel and sticks beneath your feet, your steady, rhythmic breath and the jingle of the dog collar from your four-legged companion.  you miss all of this.

to me, these are more than just dirty running shoes.  they're my experiences.
what have you & your shoes experienced lately? 

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