fresh start.

i love the idea of lists and goal setting.  and to be honest, this year i haven't been very good at it.  that's what happens when you get into a bit of a funk- you loose all motivation.  then, just when the timing couldn't be more perfect, i read this article.  and man, did it resonate with me.

may is my two o'clock.  it's the perfect time to restart my year.  spring is in the air, the days are longer and in one month, i have so much to look forward to.  whenever a. deploys, i feel as though my life goes on hold and it takes a while for me to get my footing.  but this deployment, my life stopped and i fell flat on my face.  the problem is...i don't know why.  

i felt so good about this last deployment.  & was so determined to get so much done and live the life of a "'single' married gal."  so i made lists.  and plans.  and as of now, nothing has been completed.  and it's frustrating.  don't get me wrong, sure i'm traveling, and working in a new career path, and keeping up with life- but that's the problem.  i'm just keeping up. i'm not growing and learning.  well, not yet anyway.  like i said, may is my two o'clock and i'm excited to take charge of the second half of my year.

so dear may, bring your flowers & sunshine.  bring plans of summer & the first warm days.  i'm ready to enjoy you and love this time- regardless of deployments, or stress, or poor footing.  it's going to be a great month, i can tell!

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