back in my sneaks.

finally!  after 3 1/2 very frustrating weeks, i'm excited to announce- i'm back on the trails.  i still have a long way to go since my heel isn't 100% better- but that's beside the point.  i'm celebrating & running as often as possible.
during my runs it's obvious i'm still babying my injured heal.  for one, i can still feel the sore scab despite the band-aids and thick socks.  & for another, my running form hasn't returned naturally so now i'm dealing with the likes of shin splints.  bummer.  but being back in shoes (with backs i should add) and moving in the fresh air & sunlight for miles just makes me happy.  incredibly so.  so i'm going to keep on keeping on and enjoy every single step as i make up for the lost weeks of unexplored pavement.  i even purchased pretty laces for all the fun.

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