grapefruit carrot basil juice

the juicing craze is still going strong.  the other day, i tried this awesome combination and instantly fell in love.  it's been on the menu for days and i'm drinking it like water...

2-3 pink grapefruits, peeled
6-8 large carrots
a handful of basil (add more or less depending on preference)

combine all ingredients into a juicer (per juicers instructions) and enjoy.

review: i love this juice, but a., not so much.  he finds grapefruits too bitter for his taste- so i would advise removing all pulp as well- if you generally have a hard time finding this fruit enjoyable.  grapefruit is loaded with amazing health benefits & the hint of basil is a nice surprise as well!  this juice makes a superbly refreshing, mid-day, pick-me-up.

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