time well spent.

i'll be the first to admit that i love routine.  when i waver from it, not only am i not as productive, it also takes me quite some time to get back on the horse. up until college...actually, during college, i discovered this rather disappointing truth.  disappointing because i took so much pride in my spontaneous schedule and personality while growing up. & of course, i just couldn't believe i was someone who needed lists, routines and daily habits to be efficient.  but i am & as i continue to embrace this routined life, i have very much fallen in love with it.  so i'm sure you've noticed, it's very, very easy for me to go rouge without my routine.  

it's been about two weeks since i've consistently posted and while a huge part of me wants to regularly post content every morning, i also know it's important for me to find balance.  between work, cooking, working out, taking care of the house, spending time with a. & friends and doing anything crafty, i really have to prioritize my days.  i know we're all busy and many of us are bloggers...so i don't have to tell you, blogging takes a lot of time and forethought.  especially if it's your intent not to ramble.  so i'm putting this out there loud and clear.  would i love this little space to become something bigger?  of course.  it's definitely one of my dreams.  but right now i have to find balance in my day job and dream job & everything in between.  i'll still post...as often as possible...but i'm also going to extend myself some grace on the days i don't because i know that time was filled living out other dreams and with people i love.
these pics are from an exceptional walk a., radley & i took the other day.  time well spent.

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