on the road again.

hello lovlies!  since friday i've been in san antonio prepping for our first conference of the year.  things have gone exceptionally well although it's been a bit bananas at times.  but that's the events world for you.  there are always fires to put out, problems to solve, people to laugh with & long, long hours of hard work.  but a great event makes it all worth it.

we have two more days of this madness and then i'm home sweet home.  i miss a. and my little furry man & can't wait for life as it was.  but i love events.  they might drain you physically- but mentally & emotionally, they rejuvenate and inspire.

here are a few pics from my time in beautiful san antonio (all taken with my iphone) & by next week, i should be back to blogging regularly.
don't forget to follow me on twitter (@jessrusstweets) for more pics!  catch ya soon...

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