mr. a & the big 3-0.

i can't believe it.  despite a couple deployments, we've spent 11 birthdays with one another- celebrating our ripe "old" age.  when i first met a. it was in high school and he refused to tell anyone his birthday- and even took extra precaution to make sure no one got their hands on his license.  i still like to joke it was an attention thing...he still laughs and says it probably was.

and that's just one of the things i love about him...he laughs at himself and makes me laugh along with him.
he loves nature, adventure & good 'ol fashion, clean fun.
he can play the guitar, piano and dabbles on the harmonica.  not bad babe.
he laughs so hard his eyes tear up and loves food so spicy that he sweats.
he finds mowing the lawn relaxing and hates folding the laundry.
he enjoys managing our finances and spending money.  
he's kind, and caring and gentle.
he makes time to snuggle.
he's served his country both here and overseas.  positively & with no regrets.
he offers to make dinner and then orders chinese take-out.
he's honest and fair and full of love.
he's truly my best friend and best hubby ever.

he's my main man & i'd follow him to the moon and back.  because he's just that amazing.  
happy birthday mr. a.  
i am still very much in love with you.

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  1. yeah okay, I like this one too- MAD