surprise par-tay!

remember a few weeks ago when i posted about my red & white stripe crush?  well, after all the anticipation, the secret theme was revealed at a surprise party for a.!  it was a great fiesta that surprisingly went off without a hitch.  the birthday boy was shocked- completely flabbergasted- and excited to spend the evening with friends from near & far.
i hosted the party at a local, mellow bar close to home.  since i was out of town until wednesday, i knew going into this i couldn't stress- and so, much to my surprise, didn't.  i ordered a bit of striped paper before i left, purchased a cake, sent out the invite and made arrangements with the venue.  while away, i brainstormed a few decor ideas and once home, got to work.
i called my girls on friday afternoon in a mild panic hoping we could meet up at someone's home for an impromptu craft night.  and being the rock stars they are, were thrilled to partake.  we cut piles of circle disks and mustaches from the aforementioned paper.  we hot glued the 'staches on some sweet paper straws i ordered from amazon and taped the paper circles on wooden disks for drink tickets.  we also cut out a few flags for toothpicks so guests would have something other than their fingers to grab food.
the night of, friends gathered and we waited for the party to kick off.  a. was lured to the bar with false hopes of watching a lacrosse game over some great beer and instead, entered the bar to the sound of noise makers and a jubilant "surprise!"  honestly the night couldn't have gotten any better.  joining us were great friends, good food, fun tunes, and mustaches! 
yay for birthdays & surprises...double yay for surprises that go off without a hitch and a birthday boy who had a ton of fun.

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