around here.

 here's to the start of a new week!

lately i've been all across the board, so things have been rather random.  i'm in the process of trying to get in the habit of working out after waking up.  i tend to get bored after doing the same thing, so i've been mixing it up with pilates, swimming, biking, and running.  i'm hoping to get back into trx training- but baby steps my friends.
due to my buying local challenge, i'm taking time to frequent the farmers markets & local craft fairs.  i love talking to the different vendors and getting re-accustomed to what's seasonal in southern california.  my favorite part?  riding my bike to our local farmer's market.  it's completely down hill on the way there, making for a rather enjoyable ride back to the house!
speaking of getting re-accustomed- i'm still trying to figure out how to settle into the in-law's house.  they've graciously offered to let us stay, but as is the case with being a house guest, it's been really challenging to get comfortable.  the transition's been interesting & i'm missing having my own space to craft, think, and just be.  
crafting's on the brain these days.  i'm loving the idea of a diy christmas, but without having the proper space to work & make a proper mess, it's becoming more stressful than it should be- so i'm still trying to figure out what to do.  my mom's creating quite a bit and has invited me to join her- so that's been a fun outlet.  last night for example, we made a living wreath.  more on this later, but i dare say i'm obsessed.

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