i love november if for nothing more than having an entire month dedicated to thanks & gratitude.  this season i've had a hard time recognizing all i'm thankful for since so much of me wants to be settled back in our new york home, with access to our little life, things, everyday comforts & friends.

but then i look around that all i have here & am often in awe.  sure, right now, our life is still in transition.  we don't have a home to call our own, we're still in the process of finding jobs, we're living day-to-day with very few future plans and 98% of our stuff is in storage in boston.  but sometimes as i've discovered this past month, all these "struggles" & "stressors" are bringing us so much more joy and happiness than we could have imagined.  thankfully.

thankfully we're relearning the art of simple living.
thankfully we have a roof over our head despite being homeless.
thankfully we have the time go on lunch dates, take long mid-day hikes, and help out when needed.
thankfully there's skype.  those skype dates make my day.
thankfully our time with family & friends isn't rushed due to over commitments or vacation days.
thankfully we're surrounded by sunshine.
thankfully snail mail is frequently sent cross-country.
thankfully we have open invitations to be dinner guests.
thankfully we're learning to ask for help and embrace change.
thankfully we're spending this thanksgiving not only together, but with our families as well.

yep.  so much good can come from change.  sometimes it just takes a month, or a conversation, or a special occasion to help you realize it.

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