homemade candy corn.

well, hello november!  kinda crazy that you're here already.  i hope each of you had a fantastic halloween.  ours was pretty rad and involved two separate trick or treating events.  yep, since we've mastered the double thanksgivings & christmases, we thought we'd figure out halloween as well.  lucky for us, it was a success.

the night before halloween, a., my sister & i embarked on making homemade candy corn.  while on our road trip, a. and i watched an episode of good eats, and knew homemade candy making needed to become a halloween tradition.

recipe: alton brown's homemade candy corn

adjustments: none really.  we didn't have silicone mats, so we used parchment paper instead- and it worked just fine.
review: these are awesome.  they definitely taste different than store bought candy corn, but in a good way.  once the candy portion is made and dyed, this would be an awesome activity for kids as well.  it's totally a keeper in our house!

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