los penasquitos canyon preserve.

i have a serious thing for hiking.  long hikes, short hikes, day hikes, or overnight hikes- it doesn't matter.  as long as i'm out exploring nature, i'm a happy camper (sometimes literally).  over the weekend, i corralled my sisters and nephew to join me on a short & sweet hike through a fantastic reserve in north county, san diego: the los penasquitos canyon preserve.
as kids, we would come here all the time to hike.  from the get-go, it's relatively flat but once you reach the waterfalls,  the terrain starts getting pretty hilly.  the trek to the waterfalls, is about six miles round trip.  considering we were hiking with a four year old, we only made it about four miles out & back.  which, with a four year old, is fantastic.
it was fun to see how the preserve changed- and what stayed the same.  it was also awesome to view this giant canyon, full of huge palms, flowing streams, wild oaks, rosemary & sage from a child's eye.  he was mesmerized by the cactus, mountain bikes and horse tracks.  we let the dogs swim quite a bit as well- and this was the ultimate source of entertainment.
i can't wait to continue to introduce hiking & hopefully a love for the great outdoors to our niece & nephews.  i was lucky to have nature-obsessed mentors to guide and teach me as i grew, and i can only hope to be the same for them.

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