my favorite veterans.

are these men.  i'm being biased since these are my brothers (by marriage).  actually, all veterans rock.  because of them, we're free.  we're free to vote- or not vote.  free to talk openly about religion, criticize the government, read anything we desire & have unlimited access to tons and tons of information.  and that's totally cool.

i didn't grow up in a military house, so while we appreciated and admired the dedication of the service members, we didn't live with the day-to-day commitments that are part of the job.  as matter of fact, when a. decided to join the army, i was less than thrilled.  we were dating at the time and deep down, i knew he was the one.  but committing to him & the military?  now that was asking way too much.  but love conquered all and as the stories have told, a. & i began our life in the military.  it's been a wonderful and rocky road.  full of adventures and challenges, deployments and togetherness.  it's opened many doors for us and for that, we'll always be thankful.  

veterans day hits very close to home for us and our families.  as you can see, there's a few fantastic men serving & sacrificing for us from this family.  but it's something they love doing and a job they're happy to have.  they're part of a united group of people working together with a similar mission: to keep this country safe, to keep this country free, and to do their part in making the world a better place.  without all the veterans and those still serving, these seemingly simple ideas that we so often take for granted, wouldn't be possible.  

so for every veteran out there, past & present- thank you.  seriously.  thank YOU.