well, it's official.  yesterday we sold our ny home.  the sale of the home wasn't nearly as climatic as i had hoped.  with the exception of wiring some funds to the bank, we really didn't do anything.  however, it was still harder than i thought it would be.

almost a month ago we said goodbye to this little home.  there was a point in time when we weren't sure whether or not we could sell it & not wanting to be landlords from across the country, we kept our hopes up that the right person would come along.  she did- and not a moment too late.  by the time we left ny, all the details were wrapped up and in true new york real estate fashion, we had to hurry up to wait.  so we drove away, knowing that everything we could have done, was done & the ball was totally in the buyers court.  luckily, everything went smoothly and according to plan.

so now this little home- the first home we'd ever purchased, the home that kept us warm on cold, snowy nights, the home that held backyard bbqs, birthday bashes, date nights, and thanksgiving dinners; the home that boasted our first major diy projects, the home that harbored our breaking bad & lost marathons, the home where gardening and vegetarian dishes became the norm, the home that provided sanctuary through two deployments and sleepless nights, the home brimming with happy memories and laughter and love- is now in the loving arms of someone else.  and that's okay.

man, we loved this home.  and lucky for us, we get to keep all these memories and carry them with us until we no longer will.  so now as we work on finding a home in san diego, thanks to our ny experience, we know exactly what we want in our next place.  it's been difficult to find something up to par, but knowing it's not the place that makes a home- but the people, makes finding a replacement home much more exciting.

it was fun little revolutionary home.  thanks for everything- we'll never ever forget you!

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