the color run // san diego.

by now, you've likely heard of the color run.  you know the one.  where droves of people dressed in white, tutus, and rainbow wigs come together to run a 5k, all the while being assaulted with tons & tons of colored powder.
well. last weekend, i was one of those crazies.  & i loved every minute of it.  when i found out we were officially moving back to san diego, i called my sister and asked if she wanted to participate.  without hesitation, she said yes.  and our team was born.
introducing team colorburst.  without hesitation, this is hands-down, one of the best 5k's out there.  it's not timed, so we were able to enjoy the race as a team & they allowed strollers.  originally, we weren't going to bring the kiddos, but man, were we glad we did.  they made the race.  we would have enjoyed ourselves without the kids, but it would have taken us much less time to finish, we likely wouldn't have stopped to make powder angles in the colored dust, or had a random color fight in the middle of the course.  yep, we were totally those people.  
after crossing the finish line, we joined all the finishers in a color festival.  we re-learned the cupid shuffle (one of those dances that once learned and after a brief refresher, comes back to you in no time) & danced together in the morning heat.
the last hoorah was a final color explosion.  after counting down from 10, everyone shot their color packets high into the sky and soon, brightly colored dust was everywhere.  & it was awesome.  we cheered and danced in the colored smoke, willing it to land on us to finalize our personal colored masterpiece.

by the end, we were a fantastically colorful, hot mess.  so much so, it took days for some of the powder (mostly blue) to finally come off...but that's beside the point.check to see if you have a color run coming to your city (the color run or color me rad).  then sign up!  trust me, you'll be so glad you did!

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