bring it, september

how i have waited for you!  this is the month- the month that marks the long awaited arrival of my man!  the arrival that will forever turn "i" into "we" and make a lazy, quiet sunday afternoon into a lazy, quiet day of dating.  life will be oh so good.  and there's only 20 days to go!!

this month other than the most-wonderful arrival of a., i have a few things in the cooker and a few on the to-do list...drum roll, please:
  • get the house "couple-ized."  after living apart for a year, i've took the liberty of making everything mine.  his desk?  mine.  his side of the bed?  mine.  his shower products?...what shower products?  you get the picture.  the time has come for sharing.
  • rock out my upcoming conference.  in case you didn't know (or i neglected to inform you), i work for a company that produces conferences.  i'm in charge of the exhibit floor and all sponsorship components.  this conference is the biggest one of the year (aka. the doozie) and i'm determined to rock it.
  • find some time to take care of the garden.  considering 3 out of my 4 weekends this month involve traveling, this one could be tough.  but i'm gonna give it my all.
  • continue with my monday night improv classes.  that's right, i said it.  i do improv!
  • start swimming twice a week.  it's time.  it really is.
  • keep learning photoshop (like my "hello september"?).  that is a huge accomplishment for me!  gotta keep it up.
  • go backpacking.  (this is already planned- it's what a. and i are doing our first weekend together- but since it'll be an easy and fun thing, i figured why not add it to the list?!?)
whew.  so there we have it.  the september list.  what do you have planned for your autumn kick-off?

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