for the long weekend, i jumped on a plane and headed to the land of eternal sunshine.  aka, san diego.  it was a busy weekend full of friends, laughter and fun.  i always love going home, regardless of how tired i am when i return.

i made the trip for my good friend kelsey's wedding.  seriously, cutest. ceremony. ever.  the wedding had a boardwalk-meets-1950's theme and my good friends, many who i've known since kindergarten, were there for the festivities.  it was so great to dance, catch-up and drink good wine.

i spent the rest of the weekend making time for family and friends.  i was finally able to meet cammie, my sweet friend's daughter over brunch and some much needed girl talk.  i went to a great roadside farm stand on our way to the race track.  it's claim for fame?  wolfgang puck buys his produce there.  everything was heirloom, organic and triple the cost of a grocery store.  i of course, had to take pictures.

we ventured to the race track.  i bet on the horses with the coolest names and prettiest colors.  i think luck was on my side...i won $3!  i helped my super-crafty sis* make invitations for a birthday party, took my other sis on a death march-turned-girl talk, had a fabulous barbecue with the inlaws, sister in law and niece.  there was swimming, fire pits and make-believe.  

saying good bye is always the hardest part.  so i ventured to the sister-in-law's with family in tow for one final hoorah (and the yummiest ice cream ever).  after getting caught up in chatter and niece/nephew playtime, i nearly missed my flight (not that another day in san diego would have been a bad thing) and left san diego in the manner i arrived & played...full speed ahead.

i won't be back until christmas, but these little weekend getaways always remind me how good it is to be home!

*in 15 minutes, my super-crafty-sis managed to teach me, her computer-illiterate sis, a thing or two about photoshop.  she's a genius.  i learned more from her in 15 minutes than i have in a month- you can thank her for the most-awesome photo montage.

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