zucchini soup.

in an effort to use all my zucchinis, i've been cooking this rapidly-growing squash like crazy.  i'll add it to anything these days.  i guess a. should consider himself lucky it's not in his cereal.  

a. is a relatively picky eater (actually, he'll eat anything as long as there's meat in it), so trying to find a veggie-based entree can be a bit challenging.  last weekend we had some friends over for game night and i decided to use them as my guinea pigs...like any good hostess should.

i found this zucchini soup recipe and ironically had everything i needed to make it in our fridge.  i was a bit short on spinach and cilantro so i added a bit more lemon to make up for it.  everyone really enjoyed the soup & we had enough to freeze for a later date (or game night).  enjoy.

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