conference weekend.

here we go.  the big conference weekend.  and the big homecoming weekend.  all rolled into three crazy days of chaos.

when i launched my september list, i mentioned i wanted to rock this conference.  well, the time has come.  i'm heading to san antonio for a fast and furious weekend of work, networking & very long hours.  the event business is a blast & it definitely has it's perks.  it's also way overrated and according to msn, one of the top 'not so glamorous' jobs.

but i'm a sucker & i generally love what i do.  specifically the conferences and being on-site.  it's where i'm meant to be.  planning and executing conferences is such a thrill & there's something so exciting when you're working down to the wire, making sure everything is perfect, & problem-solving as you go.  the long hours don't mean much when you receive the positive feedback from your team, a boss, or best yet, an attendee.  

so please wish me luck.  i'm hoping i can wrap my head around all the details & focus on networking while still being majorly excited for a.'s homecoming.  i'm going to need some well-wishes and good voodoo.  thanks in advance!  

catch y'all on the flip-side.

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