skinny jeans.

we all have a pair.  and no, i'm not talking about the ones you're wearing, but the ones that live in your closet waiting to be worn.  the ones you long to wear.  you know the ones.

well, i have a pair.  and they just happen to be skinny jeans.  so now you can imagine my frustration trying to get my bum in my skinny skinny jeans.  that sounds fun, doesn't it?

mid-summer i decided to take these infamous pants off the shelf and hang them up, beside a mirror, in our closet.  this is the mirror i use everyday & everyday, i saw the pants.  i adopted an out of sight, out of mind motto with these jeans and on the days i wanted ice cream for dinner or played hooky from the gym, i just closed the closet door.  

last month i finally mustered the courage to try them on.  up & over my hips they went and i did the happy dance.  then i buttoned them.  lo & behold thee muffin top.  so damn close.  cursing under my breath at the pizza i ate earlier, i hung the jeans beside the mirror.  for a month i played this game.  the jeans and muffin top always winning.

so today, with great doubts, i tried again.  up & over my hips they went and i held my breath as i buttoned.  the muffin top was gone.  the pants fit so very nicely.  i did a happy dance.  & wore them to work, feeling like a million bucks and then some.  

i love when hard work pays off.  it's the best feeling ever.  and what a great way to start the week.

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