one year strong.

holy smokes.  one year ago today i wrote my first blog post.  crazy.  now, 365 days in the making, i'm still going strong (maybe not consistent, but strong) & love this little blog space.  

originally, my intention was to create a record of my life for a. while he was deployed.  now that it's only 2 weeks from his homecoming, the time has come to reassess the space and decide if it's something i want to continue.  lucky for you, my friend, i've never been a quitter.  and this blog is here to stay.  

as my life will change in the next two weeks, it's safe to assume this blog will as well.  hopefully for the better.  i hope to be more consistent with my posts this year, share more diy's and recipes, loves, challenges and adventures.  i'm also going to make a vow to put myself out there.  i've been okay with living under the radar in blog land.  i've only told my family and a few friends about the space.  afraid of being judged and feeling vulnerable, i opted for a low profile.  now i'm not saying i'm going to post my blog on cnn or send in a nudie pic to perez, but i am going to make a point to talk about my blog & share it with anyone who might be interested.

i mean, i've written over 143 posts...so i obviously have (or think i have) something to say.  i also owe you a huge thank you.  thanks for signing on and reading.  for supporting this little space and reminding me that while i might think my life is ordinary, it's still interesting, exciting and i have plenty of stories worth sharing!  honestly, if it wasn't for your support, i don't know that we'd be still having these conversations.

cheers to you, the first year & many more to follow!
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