i’m making the commitment right here & right now.  to each and every one of you.

a few posts ago i made the announcement that i was debating between a half and full marathon.  & after much thought and ample discussion, i settled on the full…for many reasons.
  • i want to do an ironman.  call me crazy (i know you are) but there’s something about rolling in after 140.6 miles that seriously appeals to me.  again, crazy.  that being said, running isn’t my strong suit so i need the practice and what a better way to train for some of the larger triathlons (i have to work my way to the iron) than have 26.2 miles under my belt.  it makes sense to me.
  • lately, a. and  i have had some serious discussions about our future- so hopefully in the very near future, long distance running won’t be in the cards.  that said, i need to start training now.  otherwise it could be a year before i’m running for something other than bottles and diapers.
  • it’s something i’ve always wanted to do.  sometimes i waiver, but looking back, it’s been on every.single.one of my annual bucket lists since college.  yet it’s the one thing i roll-over when i can’t find the time to do it all.  & considering my aforementioned points, it’s time to lady up and go for it.
so here i go.  training began on monday & i know i have a long and challenging path ahead of me.  i'm actually really excited and can't wait to give this a go.  run, walk or crawl...i'm crossing the finish line with my head held high.

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