thanksgiving wrap up.

alright lovelies, here is the best part of our thanksgiving holiday: the food!  generally, there's a lot of pressure to host the perfect meal and while i spent quite some time researching the yummiest of recipes, i managed to stay relatively stress-free about this feast.

many of the recipes were traditional staples that we have every year but the roasted brussel sprouts, stuffing and turkey were all experiments.  here is a look at my plate thanksgiving night (sans turkey and ambrosia salad).
1. cranberry relish  
2. candied yams
3. green bean casserole
4. buttermilk & roasted garlic mashed potatoes
5. lemony mushroom-and-pine-nut stuffing muffins
6. roasted brussel sprouts (i added apples and garlic as well)
7. (not shown) cider-glazed turkey with lager-gravy

everything was a huge hit, especially the turkey.  i'm telling you, next year, make this turkey recipe.  it's already on the menu for 2012.  
i also had a lot of fun setting the table.  i wanted casual elegance and with a mix of burlap, a green table runner, fine china, mason jars, some casual napkins and an understated centerpiece, i think the look was achieved.  & i was really happy with the outcome.
if it was up to me, i'd leave the table set like this forever.  but it'll be perfect until it lasts & by then we'll be on to another holiday.  i think everyone will agree it was a great thanksgiving.  and i hope yours was as equally wonderful!  

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