drive-by truckers.

last night a. and i drove down to ithaca for an improptu concert-date night.  we arrived to the state theather, a smaller, ornate venue in the heart of ithaca to see the drive-by truckers.  we went with some friends who are huge fans, but until yesterday, a. and i had never heard of them.  that being said, other than a fun night out, we weren't sure what to expect. 
let's just say, our expectations were exceeded.  drive-by truckers put on a great show.  they didn't stop playing for the entire hour and a half and their rock-country vibe and music was fantastic.  if you like this genre and enjoy a good show, check them out when they come to your city (we actually commented that we enjoyed them more live than on youtube).
last night was the perfect break from our day-to-day routine.  seriously, how can you go wrong with great music and company.  it was the perfect date night.

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