as always, the weekend goes so much faster than i would like.  as a surprise for my mom, a. and i decided to take her on a road trip.  to steer her away from our intentions, we told her we were spending the weekend in hershey, pa and gettysburg.  we hopped in the car friday afternoon and thanks to some serious traffic leaving our city, didn’t officially hit the road until close to 5pm.  originally we weren’t going to leave until saturday but with a work crisis coming to a head, i had to be in the office on monday.  boo.

as we drove into hershey via the freeway, the gps still read another 2 hours.  my mom was convinced i inputted the address incorrectly or the gps was just plain wrong.  as she pulled out her trusty iphone and mapped our location, we bought ourselves some time by telling her the hotel was closer to gettysburg than we thought.  once we reached gettysburg, our cover no longer worked. 

we broke the news that we were surprising her with a trip to dc to visit her best friend and my aunt.  yay!
some highlights of the trip: we spent saturday afternoon in georgetown and tried oysters at j. paul, went shopping at anthropologie and paper source (love!) and spent 45 minutes standing in line for georgetown cupcakes (we tried: coconut, chocolate birthday, chocolate 2, pumpkin and salted carmel…super scrumptious).  before the ride home on sunday we made our normal stop at trader joes and then went to ikea., for some basement remodel ideas.  we didn't have enough space in the car, but we got some great loot.

we had a great time and it was so nice to be together.  sure, it's a long trip but as always, it's worth it.  

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