tree cutting.

this year we started a few new traditions.  on thanksgiving morning we participated in a 5k turkey trot & the day after thanksgiving, we decided to go cut down our christmas tree.  both of which are total keepers.

it's been over three years since we've had a christmas tree in our house.  between two deployments and a long trip home in 2010, the timing was never there.  & in some instances, neither was the spirit.  but this year was different.  the holidays couldn't start soon enough. 

generally, we wouldn't get a tree this early, but since we travel home for a week over christmas, we decided we should get a full season out of this year's tree.  we went to a tree farm recommended by a friend and it was the perfect back drop for this family affair.  the owners live on property and not only grow trees, but are also a wildlife rescue.  they have fostered deer and owls and hawks.  not to mention, they also have horses, turkeys and dogs...oh my! 

upon arrival, they provided us with a sled and saw.  madeline decided to take me on the ride of my life through the forest, only we didn't have the momentum to go very far.  so we walked through rows and rows of trees, finally stumbling upon "the one."  it was perfect.  the sun's ray shown down, the pines started sparkling, the wind gently pushed us in the right direction as the birds chirped and congratulated us on our findings.  seriously, that's how we knew we had found it. 

we grabbed the saw and went to town.  we even had the pleasure of yelling timber as the tree fell.  after dragging the tree to the car and verifying it was critter free (we did not want a reenactment of a griswold's christmas), the tree was loaded on the car and brought to it's new home. 

it's now up, lighted and adorned with ornaments.  as of now, it's the only christmas decoration in the house, but it's doing a great job getting us into the holiday spirit & we're loving the daily reminder of the traditions we're starting with our little family.

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